Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Positive Thinking Therapy

Opinion has Strong Process
Think is simple and only need a few moment. However, it has strong process from seven different, so that everybody make it like reference of mind, who knows is awared or not???
The first thinking process we can get from parent. We can be learnt about words, expression of face, norm, behavior, religion and principle by parents. For thinking process parent are very important for to make thinking process.
After parent, we can see the other worlds. That is brother, sister, grandma, grandfather, uncle, aunt and cousin. From they are we can take a new information. so that, forming mind process more and more strong.
Society is interaction of everybody, Neighbor, seller, driver and all everybody stay in same area. We can get more information so that, forming mind process more to strong.
The mean of school area are expression/statement, behavior and teacher attitude. Because school have big influenced of learn process. What they get in school area, it is very easy to imitate, not only positive but also negative.
Friend is very important after parent. Friends is first actualization self of life because we self to determine choise, without parent influence. Besides, friend is proof of free and proof by acceptane society.
Many adolescent watching television for a long time. They watch fifty hours of a week. What they watch, will give influence positive or negative. Because on television they can get more information about war, sexuality/pornographic and infraction of norm. until now television still present negative information. This dengerous influence join influential to forming mind process of everybody.
It's so easy... If you'll positively thinking, you will success in your happy life.. ^^ But...if you'll negatively thinking, you will fail in you misary life.. >.< So up to you, you will be a success people or fail people?? The answer there are of your self.
((Positive Thinking Therapy - Dr. Ibrahim Elfiky))


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Anonymous said...

gw lagi nih.

klo diatas mungkin kamu pakai think sebagai noun, ubah jadi gerund. thinking..

frist thingking process..
dan masih banyak lagi tuh..

terus, we can study mending dipasifin, jadi we can be learnt blblaablaa terus by parents.

kembali ke mslah kemarin, modal selalu diikuti bare infinitive, tanpa to apalagi verb3.
jadi we can see the other worlds..

sering2lah teliti buat memberi article kepada noun yang kamu jelaskan..
seperti a new information yang berarti informasi baru yang bersifat umum, atau the new information, yang berarti merujuk kepada ke ssuatu spesifik.

dibagian akhir, you'll negative thinking itu salah, tepatnya you'll be a negative thinker.. or you will be thinking negatively..

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i am one of those positive thinkers!!! after all what's there to be negative about..we're given the chance to live!

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