Thursday, March 11, 2010

No such thing as boy and girl?, Whether this sentence correct?? The distinctions we use to separate men from women, and the qualities that go into what we call Masculine and feminine. All things being equal, we are born with a Clearly defined biological sex. We are born male or female, but we are not born boy or girl. That distinction must be taught. That distinction can only come from the culture around us. The media teaches us that only men can be corporate executives. Our families teach us that girls wear dresses and are cleaner, happier, and more polite than boys.

It would help to begin by defining what we mean by "gender." Gender does not mean biological sex. Often from the very moment of birth, infant males are dressed in blue, and infant females in pink, from that point on they can start becoming boys and girls. Here are some things that show the differences between men and women :
  1. Adult male and female humans exhibit many biological distinctions, for which one can immediately see for yourself, very clearly the difference.
  2. Current research would also suggest a host of differences in the structure of male and female brains. We are taught that women are emotional and loving, and that men are strong and impassive.
  3. The playthings of boys and girls come from two different worlds. To boys are offered a near endless assortment of toys. Vehicles: trucks, planes, race cars, boats, space ships and police, fire and military hardware, all in various themes and scales. Weapons: swords, endless varieties of guns, bows, and fanciful projectile weapons. Sporting paraphernalia, action figures, systems of construction such as Legos, and video games. Girls would appear to have a somewhat less exciting selection, only daughter play with princess dolls or play fashion. If little boys are trained to be race car drivers and fire fighters through their toys, girls are trained to be mothers and house wives with theirs.
  4. Boy groups are also more hierarchical Clearly, with well defined leaders. From this, boys learn how to interact in structured organizations where there is a clear top and bottom. They learn competitiveness, assertiveness, and aggression as tools for success. Girls tend to organize themselves into pairs groups of "best friends" linked in shifting alliances. They continually Negotiate with each other for friendship, and talk about who "likes" who.

Actually, the human condition is the same the world over. We all do the same things. The idea of men and women, boys and girls is no different. This is called gender, so it is very difficult when we look for similarities. Men and women are different like fire and water. The fire in the URLs of men and women's water in the URLs. So to the question "No such thing as boy and girl ???", I think it is very clear answer that was both men and women different and not equal (if the answer to your men and women are equal, it means 'bitch' ) hahaahaaa. How do you think?? if you have other ideas, please share here. Thank you for spending time on my blog.


Chi said...

beyond the matter of gender, for me, everyone is unique. So there is always be any topic of equalitiy and difference for everyone..

Ghostech said...

kunjungan perdana :)

agus said...

i like this post

Anonymous said...

learning crazy people....

KucingTengil said...

boys and girl have their own uniques. and the differences makes them to completely each other

Gotbloggers said...

Yes I agree.. because sometime Man Act like Woman , and woman act like girl. No such a thing can judge their mind is girl or boy..

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