Saturday, May 29, 2010

Revolver Gangster's Gang

Genre: Comedy
Release year: 2010

"Revolver gangsters' Gang" is a remake of German film "Now Or Never" (Jetzt Oder Nie - Zeit Ist Geld) directed by Lars Buchel. Three elderly widows - Jeong-ja (Moon So-hee), Yeong-heui (Kim Soo-mi) and Sin-ja (Kim Hye-ok) - have worked hard for eight years to save the 8.37 million of won - the cost of three VIP packages tourism to Hawaii. They proudly went to the bank to transfer money, but they lost money in the bank caused by a robber. When the bank stating that they would return the money, the trio find a bank robber Jun-Seok (Im Chang-Jeong) to control banditry.


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