Monday, October 18, 2010

Wedding Dress

Genre: Drama, Family
Release year:2010
Cast :
Song Yoon-ah 송윤아 As Mom, Seo Go-eun (엄마, 서고운)
Kim Hyang-ki 김향기 As Daughter, Jang So-ra (딸, 장소라)
Lee Ki-woo (이기우) As Ji-hoon (지훈)
Jeon Mi-seon (전미선) As Ji-hye (지혜)

The story tells about a single mother who works as a designer and manufacturer of wedding dress. He had a daughter named So Ra. So Ra is the daughter of introvert, possibly due to used to living alone because his mother was busy working, So Ra became a solitary child and did not want to hang out with her friends. therefore he was often truant ballet exercises, because at the course he had to meet her friend.

One day the mother knew that he had stomach cancer and his life was long. For now he is often set aside time to be with her son. He intentionally hid his illness from So Ra. But it turns out So Ra know if her mother was gravely ill and he was acting normal and pretend not to know about it.

His mother's last wish was to see her only child that has many friends and want to see children dancing ballet on stage. And finally So Ra was trying to fulfill that desire.


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